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Peterman, Danelle Principal
Barrentine, Daniel Assistant Principal

Aponte, Leidy Special Needs
Baxter, Sharon Guidance Counselor
Brockett, Amanda 6th Grade English Language Arts
Clark, Meg 7th Grade Science & STEM
Cruit, Kristen 6th-8th Grade Interventionist
Culp, Donna Library/Media Specialist
Dukes, Nicole Speech
Eldridge, Donna 7th Grade Math
Faircloth, Tammy 8th Social Studies
Floyd, Chelsea 6th and 7th Grade Mathematics
Foster, Terry 7th Grade Special Education
Graham, Patricia 8th Grade Math
Henderson, Kimberly 6th & 8th Grade SPED
Hines, Whitney Instructional Coach
Kelley, Jacqueline 8th Grade Math
Kersey, Kim 7th-8th Grade Science
Lucien, Lori 6th Grade
McDonald, Michelle Performing Arts
McDonald, Vicky Physical Education
Melby, Amanda 6th Grade Science
Mizell, Patti Gifted and Talented Specialist
Nolin, Pamela Visual Arts
Outlaw, Daniel Physical Education / Head Football Coach
Peak, Kelley 6th Grade Social Studies
Pettis, Lacey English Language Arts
Pettus, Pamela 7th Grade Language Arts
Phillips, Alisa Computer
Robinson, Sylvia 6th Grade Language Arts
Shinaberry, Kristen English Language Arts
Traylor, Jarrod 7th/8th Grade Social Studies

Barnes, Shirley Aide
Chancey, Amber ISS Aide
Davis, Lisa Lunchroom Staff
Finley, Pat Bookeeper
Hahn, Pam SPE Aide
Robinson, Pat Lunchroom Staff
Stabler, Sherry Secretary
Weaver, Joy SPE Aide
Wessner, Angela Nurse
Wise, Charlene Lunchroom Manager

Bloodworth, Jane Webmaster
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